The Politecnico di Torino considers strategic every investment on excellent research and intends to ensure a favorable environment capable of attracting research talent and to strengthen its international visibility.

In this view, for all those involved in the Politecnico di Torino research, it was strengthened the support aimed at facilitating access to external opportunities of research financing. These targeted support actions have been dedicated to encourage the participation of the best researchers in particularly relevant basic research projects, both national and international.

Among these support initiatives, there is the project “ERC@POLITO" - Project to encourage participation in the programme of research funding promoted by the European Research Council (ERC).

The project “ERC@POLITO" aims to raise awareness and encourage researchers to participate in new ERC calls for proposals, supporting adequately them and targeting potential candidates through training sessions on the characteristics of the call and the preparation of the proposal, to offer better conditions for the implementation of the research related to ERC.

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The ERC Programme

The programma ERC, as part of the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation "Horizon 2020", supports both senior and emerging best researchers, with a contribution up to 100% of the research cost. Basically the only criterion for assessing proposals is scientific excellence. The research topic can relate to the Physical Sciences (PSE), such as the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) or the Life Sciences (LS), and the project idea must establish itself as a pioneer and frontier idea.

The ERC projects have taken over the years a strategic importance, becoming a benchmark of quality, criteria for the identification of scientific excellence of an institution and its ability to offer an environment intellectually stimulating for their talented researchers. The new Framework Programme "Horizon2020" not only confirmed the ERC program, but it has also meant a substantial share of the total budget (13 billion euros, corresponding to 17% of the total budget of "Horizon 2020").

The complete ERC@POLITO project is available (in Italian) in the intranet reserved to Politecnico personnel at the following link.

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