HR Excellence in Research

In November 2013 the European Commission awarded Politecnico di Torino with the label "HR Excellence in Research", recognizing the commitment in implementing the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

This award follows an accurate process of internal gap analysis about the adoption of the principles of the Charter and the preparation of an Action Plan aimed at making the Chart and the Code more effective and creating a dynamic and high quality academic environment  for researchers from all over the world.

Following the requirements of the HRS4R-Human Resources Strategy for Researchers process (step 4), in December 2015, two years after the award, Politecnico di Torino sent to the European Commission a self assessment report on the progress in the implementation of the Charter and Code principles and an updated version of the Action Plan.

  • Human Resources Strategy for Researchers ( HRS4R )

    A description of the participation of Politecnico di Torino in the HRS4R process launched by the European Commission to support European Research Institutions and Research Funding Organizations in the implementation of the Charter & Code in their policies and practices

  • Timeline

    The Politecnico di Torino steps in the HRS4R process

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