Lukszo Zofia

Data inizio – Data fine: 02 Aprile 2018 - 30 Giugno 2018
Ente di provenienza: Delft University of Technology
Dipartimento di destinazione: DENERG - Dipartimento Energia

Her research concentrates on a wide range of problems in the way complex energy systems are functioning
today and can be (re-)shaped for the sustainable future. The questions she works on concern investigation of
supporting technology and emerging institutions for the transition towards sustainable energy and electricity
systems. Shaping smart grid, requiring additional flexibility from the users in cooperation with dispatchable
power plants, Storage and interconnections, forms a main pillar in her research.
Zofia is an expert on modeling, analyzing and optimizing systems in the field of sustainable and intelligent
energy systems. Her international recognition is visible by inviting her for a leading role in the BSIK research
programme Next Generation Infrastructures where a sub-programme on Intelligent Infrastructures was led by
her between 2008 and 2015 (12 fte). As a leader of this programme she organized and contributed to many
international workshops and conferences and strengthened the international collaboration on Intelligent
Infrastructures. She has been recently awarded with the Senior Member level of IEEE and have been invited
to join the International Technical Program Committee for a number of prestigious international conferences
as IEEE PowerTech 2015, IEEE International Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies ISGT
Europe 2017 and IEEE System Man and Cybernetics SMC 2017 Conference. Next to this, she is frequently
requested to join an international PhD committee, what can be seen as a sign of her visibility and strong
reputation in the field of energy systems.
Zofia is a Steering Board member of PowerWeb - an interfaculty research programme on smart grids at the
Delft University of Technology. Besides she is the director of the SEPAM (Systems Engineering, Policy
Analysis and Management) Master Program at the TU Delft.
In her role as a supervisor and programme leader she is frequently complimented for bringing out the best in
other people, excellent social skills and a team player role.