Icardi Matteo

Data inizio – Data fine: 12 Febbraio 2020 - 12 Maggio 2020
Ente di provenienza: School of Mathematical Sciences & GeoEnergy Research Centre
Dipartimento di destinazione: DISAT - Dipartimento Scienza Applicata e Tecnologia
Coordinatore al Politecnico: DANIELE MARCHISIO

Complex flows and transport in porous media and heterogeneous materials are among the most ubiquitous and important physical phenomena, arising in countless engineering applications. Among them, we will particularly, but not exclusively, focus on problems arising in

i)            subsurface applications (groundwater remediation, geothermal energy)

ii)           process engineering (chromatography, filtration)

iii)         biological processes (membranes, drug delivery)

iv)         energy storage (batteries).

During my stay at Politecnico di Torino, I will deliver a short course on multiscale modelling and upscaling for these problems, offering a unifying view of model reduction techniques such as homogenisation, averaging, and projection methods. Hosted within the "Excellence Department" MIUR program and in collaboration with the group of prof. Daniele Marchisio, we will work towards a reproducible modelling framework that combines experimental electron microscopy techniques and multiscale computational methods. We will focus on coupled systems and interfacial phenomena (e.g., multiphase, conjugate heat/mass transfer, electrochemical reactions) in micro- and nano-structured materials where non-trivial emerging macroscopic dynamics emerge. For example, interacting charged particles and electrokinetic flow in porous structures and their coupling with a solid phase (e.g., solid electrode), will be explored starting from (semi-)continuum laws such as Stokes, Nernst-Planck dynamic, and Poisson-Boltzmann equations. The overall objective of the project is to develop theoretical, numerical, and computational tools to better understand the connection between macroscopic and microscopic properties of such systems.