Yaneva Albena

Data inizio – Data fine: 01 Aprile 2018 - 30 Giugno 2018
Ente di provenienza: The University of Manchester
Dipartimento di destinazione: DAD - Dipartimento di Architettura e Design
Coordinatore al Politecnico: ALESSANDRO ARMANDO

As a member of the Scientific Committee of the journal "Ardeth", Professor Albena Yaneva will contribute to further developing the editorial agenda of the journal and widening its international network. As the editor of the second issue (Bottega: Ecology of Design Practice), she will participate in a number of promotional events and talks related to the journal. Prof Yaneva was part of previous discussions on architectural theory research at our Department and she was also invited as lecturer at the PoliTo ASP summer school in 2016. During her three months at the Politecnico she will take part in on-going academic and public discussions on topical urban issues in Turin. She will teach a number of PhD classes drawing on Actor-Network-Theory. They will be taught within the framework of the PhD course L’architettura degli effetti III and the Final Degree Seminar at the Master Course Architecture Construction, City, coordinated by Prof Armando and Prof Durbiano. Promoting further a dialogue around controversy mapping of urban and architectural issues, Yaneva will continue the collaboration with Armando and Durbiano in developing architectural project tools at urban scale while advancing a transdisciplinary research agenda crossing the boundaries of architectural theory, design and social sciences.