Visit duration time (from – to): 09 September 2019 - 26 October 2019
Affiliation: University of Tours
Host Department: DIGEP - Department of Management and Production Engineering

During my stay at the Department of Management and Production Engineering, I will develop a research project, in collaboration with Pr. F. Della Croce di Dojola and Dr. F. Salassa, on mathematical programming (MP) approaches for the solution of hard optimization problems. We will first investigate the interplay of MP and machine learning (ML) by studying the benefits of embedding ML algorithms into MP based algorithms to create new efficient optimization approaches for tackling hard problems relevant to OR, mainly scheduling problems. We will also consider the use of MP for the design of optimization algorithms with performance guarantees. From the literature it appears that the use of MP to analyse the worst-case guarantee of approximation algorithms has not been considered so much, despite its interest as illustrated in very recent works.

I will also give a lecture at the Ph.D. program in Management, Production and Design. This lecture will be on Multiobjective Mathematical Programming and will provide the students with all the fundamental notions of this field. Numerous illustrative problems coming from scheduling theory will serve as examples. The content of this lecture will follow my milestone book on multicriteria scheduling.