Ansari Farhad

Visit duration time (from – to): 01 October 2018 - 31 March 2019
Affiliation: University of Illinois at Chicago
Host Department: DISEG - Department of Structural, Geotechnical and Building Engineering
Coordinator at Polito: GIAN PAOLO CIMELLARO

Earthquakes are considered one of the major causes of damage in heritage structures.  The quality and effectiveness of repair of heritage structures is dependent on the accuracy of damage assessment in such structures.   In compare to modern buildings and bridges, it is more difficult to detect damage in heritage structures, both in terms of structural configuration as well as the mechanical characteristics of the materials involved in their construction. Damage such as cracks at interconnecting elements of frames, hinge locations in masonry arches, and relative displacements of the load bearing elements are difficult to detect and identify.

The objective of Professor Ansari’s research during his stay at the Polytechnic is to develop field and laboratory techniques for extraction of relevant structural parameters from the heritage structures.  In essence, the product of the research will be a protocol for insitu testing of structures both in static as well as in dynamic modes.   Such protocols are necessary for the determination of the structural characteristics,  load transfer mechanisms, and material properties. The laboratory aspects of the research will involve construction and testing of scaled models of primary structural components of the heritage structures under study.  The laboratory model will be employed for evaluation and verification of structural parameters acquired during the insitu field tests.   It is then possible to assess the condition of the structure based on the extent and nature of damage.  In addition to research, Professor Ansari will offer a series of seminars pertaining to the structural health monitoring with optical fiber sensors.   The seminar series will cover basics of optical fiber sensing, sensor types, their attributes, uses, structural monitoring and practical applications based on Professor Ansari’s work on several structures around the world.