Bozlar Michael

Visit duration time (from – to): 17 May 2021 - 31 July 2021
Affiliation: University of Texas, Arlington (USA)
Host Department: DENERG - Department of Energy
Coordinator at Polito: MARCO SIMONETTI

At PoliTo, Prof. Bozlar will teach courses in materials science and engineering in the framework of the course entitled “Solar Thermal Technologies”, led by Prof. Simonetti. In his lectures, Prof. Bozlar will cover the fundamental aspects of organic and inorganic materials synthesis and property characterization for applications in the area of renewable energies. In addition, Profs. Bozlar and Simonetti are planning on giving online lectures (using platforms including Teams, Zoom, or Webex) to undergraduate and graduate students from both PoliTo and UT Arlington, before and after Prof. Bozlar’s stay at PoliTo in the summer of 2021. The main objective of these lectures would be to establish and foster relations between the two institutions through technical lectures but also general information for student mobility. During the course of his stay at PoliTo, Prof. Bozlar will also give seminars for faculty and graduate students across various departments at PoliTo, and in particular for DENERG and DISAT. Finally, Prof. Bozlar will actively pursue his ongoing research activities in the area of atmospheric water harvesting with his collaborators at DENERG.