Fumagalli Alessio

Visit duration time (from – to): 15 October 2018 - 14 August 2019
Affiliation: University of Bergen, Norway
Host Department: DISMA - Department of Mathematical Sciences
Coordinator at Polito: STEFANO BERRONE

The research project is focused on the mathematical modeling and numerical solution for hydro-mechanical phenomena in fractured porous media. There are several numerical and modeling challenges, mainly related to complex fracture networks in the rock matrix which make standard techniques inapplicable to give accurate solutions in a reasonable time. A pressure variation  may stimulate a mechanical change, which will induce an alteration of the fracture aperture and thus a change in the pressure, leading to a coupled system. The project will study 1) the introduction of a numerical scheme to remove many geometrical difficulties and 2) its robust and efficient solution. In the first point we will use the virtual element method, since they can handle cells of any geometry, for both the hydraulic and mechanical parts. To ease the implementation of the coupling conditions between the fractures and the rock matrix, the equations are written in mixed form. In the second point, an optimization technique based on a functional minimization will speed up the numerical solution through parallelization. During the same period a course, in the PhD program of the hosting Department, will be taught on models and numerical methods for simulation of coupled underground hydro-mechanical phenomena.