Villa Gazulla Juan Luis

Visit duration time (from – to): 19 September 2019 - 18 December 2019
Affiliation: University of Zaragoza
Host Department: DENERG - Department of Energy
Coordinator at Polito: PAOLO GUGLIELMI

The candidate have been working as a full-time professor of electrical engineering at the University of Zaragoza for 25 years and collaborating as a researcher in CIRCE institute for 10 years. The current teaching tasks are focused on the control of electrical machines, industrial drives and electric vehicles. The research tasks have focused on the last 15 years in renewable energy and mainly in the development of wireless power transfer systems.
He has participated in 3 European projects related to WPT systems and several projects with public institutions and private companies. Among the most important could be named at 50 kW charging station for the UNPLUGGED project and a 200 kW system for charging trams along the route in the CAF project. And regarding dynamic load, a dynamic charging line based on 50 kW coils for a minibus in the city of Malaga, within the VICTORIA project. He has currently developed and tested a 300 kW WPT system for the NIWE wireless oven power project and it is an important milestone in wireless power transfer (considering the current state of the art).
One of the main contributions has been to develop a method of design of WPT systems for any power, size and transfer distance and, considering any classic compensation topology. In his PhD a "Design Factor" was defined to help in the selection of the optimal number of turns and section for the coils, for a working frequency required. Another important contribution to the WPT systems has been the development of a compensation topology called SP_S and that comes from the combination of the topologies S_S and P_S. This topology allows greater misalignments between coils and even, presents a safe behavior in the absence of the receiver coil. This makes it especially suitable for dynamic charge of EV, as it allows for more relaxed control and improved power capture at high speeds.