H2020@POLITO Project

Like major international universities, Politecnico di Torino has successfully participated in the European Union research funding programmes.

To maintain this level of performance, the participation in the new programme Horizon 2020 is listed among Politecnico di Torino main goals. The strategic plan of Politecnico, called "Horizon 2020", is also oriented towards the Horizon 2020 priorities to rank our University among the best technical universities in Europe, promoting the quality of research. Activities such as "the promotion of projects in research, both basic and collaborative research, seized on all the opportunities that will be offered by Horizon2020" allows to "feed the network of relations that is the breeding ground of cooperation at national and international level and with the public and private sector".

Individual action is not enough for a successful participation in H2020: a political strategy of medium and long term and an action plan with clear objectives and specific investments are necessary. With this aim, Politecnico created "H2020@Polito", a project to encourage participation in the Programme. This initiative is a set of actions and tools to support professors and researchers with the aim to increase/maintain the level of performance comparable to the past in Horizon 2020. In particular the project aims to:

  • increase participation and improve design capacity
  • increase multidisciplinary project proposals
  • increase the involvement of stakeholders, large companies and the ability to make a system
  • improve international visibility to the European institutions.

In particular the actions to be implemented concern the creation of networks with national and international actors and with the industrial sector and specific training / information tailored to academic staff.

The complete H2020@POLITO project is available (in Italian) in the intranet reserved to Politecnico personnel at the following link.