Interdisciplinary inter-departmental Labs

Considering the initiatives launched at local, national and European level which emphasize more and more inter-disciplinary research as a key element for the science and technology progress, in 2013 the Politecnico di Torino decided to fund the creation of the new Inter-Departmental Labs. This initiative aims at developing interdisciplinary research with a high strategic value for Politecnico di Torino, financing both equipment and research infrastructures of relevant dimension, and the significant interdisciplinary collaboration among several departments.

Through a specific Politecnico di Torino call, also funded by Compagnia di San Paolo (national no-profit foundation), the creation of the following 7 Labs was allowed:


Founder DepartmentDISAT

The Laboratory's main objective is to tackle in a single structure all the challenges devoting to the development of new products based on graphene materials, through the design of new ideas, the basic research, the definition of technologies for the realization of materials, the applied research required for their optimization, up to the prototyping of new products and industrial devices designed with attention to their own life cycle and the environmental impact connected to their production processes or to their degradation in work . The activities of the Laboratory are closely linked to the European FET Flagship Graphene.

S3+LAB: Urban sustainability & security laboratory for social challenges

WWWSito web
Founder DepartmentDIST
Other Departments involvedDAUINDENERGDIATIDISMA.

The Laboratory is aimed at promoting resilience, sustainable and inclusive development, through the construction of a system of internal collaboration and external adequate information useful to support local, national and European policies.
Through a multidisciplinary approach, the laboratory intends to support the design of public policies on safety and urban and territorial quality, especially emphasizing the interdisciplinary dimension of the innovative approach in the spatial planning and management.

NEC- Neural Engineering and Computation Lab

Founder DepartmentDET
Other Departments involvedDISATDISMA.

Multidisciplinary laboratory working on neuroscience by exploiting existing expertise concering the realization of nano-technology devices, neuromorphic design, signal analysis, the biological interfaces, large-scale data analysis, biological circuits modeling, distributed computing and information theory. The activities of the laboratory cover four areas: technological, application, modeling and computational developed in close collaboration with other international organizations involved with Politecnico in FET Flagship Human Brain.

BIGDATA@POLITO: Laboratorio per la sperimentazione e sviluppo di tecnologie BigData

Founder DepartmentDET
Other Departments involvedDAUINDIGEPDISMA.

The Laboratory aims is the creation of a computer center which provides access to Big Data technologies, in terms of purchase, installation and configuration of a computing cluster consisting of server properly configured for the use of Big Data technologies. Through the creation of the computer center, open, flexible, scalable, based on open source solutions, the laboratory will provide professors and researchers of Politecnico di Torino with access to these technologies and exploitation of their research.

REI - Reti Energetiche Intelligenti

Founder DepartmentDENERG
Other Departments involvedDETDISAT.

The main objective of the Laboratory is the study of local smart networks of distribution (especially electric ones) in which interact many independent "players" as prosumers, retailers, distributed generators (including renewables), storage systems, interconnections with other energy networks (gas) or future (hydrogen), electric/hybrid vehicles, etc. The activities of the Laboratory will allow to participate in European research laboratories workgroups involved in the issue.

Make Lab

Founder DepartmentDIGEPDAD

The Laboratory has two main objectives: 1. the development and optimization of capital goods (machine tools), in order to improve production processes, in terms of operating performance and competitiveness, in terms of sustainability of the processes ( engineering); 2. the development, resulting from application and experimentation of digital modeling and advanced prototyping tools to support the project, its development, representation, communication and discussion with the productive system, public authorities, local communities (architecture and design).


Founder DepartmentDIATI
Other Departments involvedDIMEASDENERGDET.

The planned activities of the new laboratory will interest the vast world linked to the binomial "energy and water". In particular, the Laboratory will concern basic research but also applied and commercial research, and all types of research will cover both the issues of the production of energy from water and both the problems of energy saving in the various use forms of water.

More information and the call for proposal for the creation of the Inter departmental labs isa available (in Italian) in the intranet reserved to Politecnico personnel at the following link.