16 December 2020

Adoption of the "Declaration of Intent" by the Council of the Doctoral School

26 November 2020

Presentation of the Internal Review Report to the POLITO Quality Assurance Committee

26 November 2020

Appointment of members of the Research Ethics Committee

31 October 2020

Contribution to the revision of the EU Charter for CESAER

28 October 2020

Presentation of the "Gender Equality Report" of Politecnico di Torino

15 July 2020

Annual meeting of the Focus Group of Researchers

30 June 2020

Approval of the University Regulation governing the Research Ethics Committee

30 June 2020

Approval of University Regulation on research integrity

21 February 2020

Approval of the Action Plan of the Strategic Plan POLITO4IMPACT by the Governing Bodies

7 November 2019

"Festival della Tecnologia" first edition