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22nd May 2020

Effective Visual Communication of Science

h 9-13, webinar

The webinar is about how to effectively communicate your own scientific ideas and results by applying best visual communication practices to your research communication. Participants will understand the principles and useful design approaches used by experts and actionable advice and feedback on your own pre-submitted materials. It is an immersive webinar, structured, easy to follow and fun. The webinar is particularly addressed to early stage researchers (Assegnisti, RTDA, RTDB) but open to all research personnel with a specific interest in visual communication.
Please, be aware that attending the webinar requires full commitment as you will have to engage for the entire workshop duration 4 hours and carry out the following assignments given by the trainer:
· Participants submit their scientific figures before the event and will receive actionable feedback on how to improve them from the trainer
· A group mutual learning exercise (visual abstract) will be proposed as an homework after the webinar

The programme will include the following topics and activities:
· How to effectively communicate with specific scientific and non scientific audiences
· Visual perception and what humans find intuitive
· Colors: how to amplify, not ‘fancify’
· Visual organization: how to structure information to simplify comprehension
· Eye-flow: effortlessly guide the audience through the design
· Discussion on pre-submitted figures: facilitator’s feedback on a selection of figures from participants.

Registrations to the event closed on May 10
The webinar is restricted to Politecnico di Torino personnel. The number of places is limited to 25, following the “first come, first served”.
Participants will receive an email with instructions from trainer.
For more information you can contact Isabella Susa from Ufficio Ricerca di Eccellenza e Mobilità dei Ricercatori (phone 6340 or email

The trainer is Dr. Jernej Zupanc from Seyens Ltd.
Communications expert with a background in science, technology and business. His passion is studying and teaching how to communicate complex messages to various audiences and help people with great ideas change the world for the better.
Education: PhD in Computer Science from University of Ljubljana and was a Fulbright Scholar at Northeastern University, Boston.
Work experience: Head of computer vision at a startup for five years, Horizon 2020 External Expert Evaluator for business and innovation support programs, he founded the training company Seyens in 2013 and has already trained 1000+ researchers from 40+ institutions.