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10/12/2021, 21/01/2022, 04/03/2022

Your day for planning and managing your research career

h 11,30am-5pm, online

How do you plan for your next step in your career and how do you develop actions and steps towards it? Which skills are important for your career development as a researcher and which areas should you focus on developing taking into account your career aspirations?

The Research Support Department has organised the webinar "Your day for planning and managing your research career" for resesrchers to introduces them to the concept of career and professional development planning and guide them through the process of identifying their strengths as researchers and possible areas for development, with a view to planning their next steps of their careers.

Participants have the opportunity to:
- gain some insights into what your career goals and aspirations might be
- look more closely at where you are now, your career motivations and how your priorities are reflected in your current career and activities
- become more aware of the options that you have and how you may want to plan that exploration
- take active steps towards planning your career.

The webinar is interactive and provides with a set of tools/methodologies that help gain clarity around the importance of career development as well as a model to help explore the next career steps. The session allows for discussion, active participation and planning.

The webinar "Your day for planning and managing your research career" foresees two sessions:

  • the first for Assegnisti di ricerca post-doc, already hold on 10th December 2021
  • the second, open to RTD-As, on 21st January 2022, h 11,30am-5pm - lunch break h 1-2pm), up to 30 participants;
Moreover, the webinar "Imposter Syndrome: what is it and is it holding you back from being at your best?" (4th March 2022, h 10am-12pm - postponed from February 11th) will take place. It is open to Assegnista di ricerca post-doc, RTD-A, RTD-B, Professore Associato, Professore Ordinario up to 30 participants.
Have you ever taken on a new role or project and then, you felt that actually you weren’t really the right person for it? Do you ever struggle to accept and recognise your achievements? Do you feel that your success has been due to some mysterious fluke or luck or other external factors that made it happen? You felt like an imposter! This session is aimed at anyone who wants to consider how feeling like an imposter may impact their work as researchers and become more self-aware of how real it is for them and explore various ways of dealing with it.

It is possible to register to the second session of "Your day for planning and managing your research career" and/or to the webinar "Imposter Syndrome: what is it and is it holding you back from being at your best?" by 18 January 2022 at 12pm at this link (filling in the form will not generate a confirmation e-mail).
Participants will be selected according to the order of registration and ensuring the participation of at least one participant per Department.
The two webinars "Your day for planning and managing your research career" are not open to those who took part in the course "Planning and managing your own research career" held on 14th December 2020.

The trainer is Ms. Daniela Bultoc.
Winner of the Times Higher Education Awards and recognised at a UK national level in three consecutive years for outstanding support for researchers and academics, Daniela is a Vitae national Senior Fellow Researcher Developer and an experienced organisational development consultant, emotional intelligence coach and personal development skills trainer at an international level.
With over 12 year experience of working in Higher Education, until recently she was the lead for all research staff and research student development programmes at UCL; this is one of the largest researcher development programmes in the UK with over 130 learning and development sessions for Early Career Researchers and over 700 sessions for PhDs. Her last role at UCL was as Head of Communities of Practice at UCL – where the project won the 2019 UHR Awards and was recognised for best organisational change initiative in Higher Education.
Daniela is a highly regarded professional and international researcher developer who seeks to support and inspire research staff and academics to reach their potential.

For further information, please contact Valeria Di Caro, Excellent Science and Researchers Mobility Office (intern 5931 or e-mail