Synergy between energy networks

Title of the research project

PLANET - Planning and operational tools for optimising energy flows and synergies between energy networks

Scientific area Abstract

Energy transport and conversion, Renewable Energys, Environment & Climate Action.


The projectPLANET aims to facilitate the full integration of intermittent renewable energy in the electricity grid by means of a global coordination of all energy networks (electricity, gas, district heating) and energy conversion and storage technologies. The project will develop a Decision Support System tool (PLANET DSS) for the optimal orchestration of the different energy networks. 

Description of the research project 

Renewable energy sources offer unpreceded opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the detrimental effects of climate change. But, some challenges remain to be solved before their full benefits can be reaped. The main one relate to the intermittency of their electricity supply which does not match energy demand and can lead to poor quality of electricity supply, grid stability problems and subsequently curtailment of their generation.

Energy conversion and storage has been touted as a very promising solution to all aforementioned issues. PLANET will develop a holistic Decision Support System for utilities (DSO), policy makers and network operators. It will aid them to leverage innovative energy conversion in alternative carriers & storage technologies in order explore, identify, evaluate and quantitatively assess optimal grid planning and management strategies for future energy scenarios that target full energy system de-carbonization.

Moreover, a robust analysis of the possible synergies between electricity, gas and heat networks will be carried out by creating simulation models for the integration between energy networks and conversion/storage technologies, e.g. power-to-gas, power-to-heat and virtual thermal energy storage. Application of the developed tools in two different test cases in Italy and France will showcase their benefits and also reveal potential grid stability issues and effective countermeasures. 

Impact on society 

The final result of PLANET will be a holistic Decision Support System able to offer to the utilities, policy makers and network operators the possibility to assess optimal strategies for the future energy scenarios. 

Another important result of the project will be the detailed analysis of the possible economic impact determined by a new and more organized use of conversion/storage technologies.

Finally the new business opportunities on electricity, natural gas and district heating market will be studied along with an analysis of the existing and future regulatory aspects.

Working group @Polito 

Marco Badami, Associate Professor (Project Coordinator)

Ettore Bompard, Full Professor

Carlo Cambini, Full Professor

Vittorio Verda, Full Professor

Andrea Mazza, Assistant Professor

Abouzar Estebsari, Assistant Professor

Armando Portoraro, Assistant Professor

Teresa Romano, Assistant Researcher

Mariapia Martino, Project Manager

Claudia Sibilla, Financial Manager

National and International partners 

VTT, Finland


IREN, Italy

CERTH, Greece

ITM POWER, United Kingdom

VaasaETT , Finland

FGH , Germany

SOREA , France

ISMB , Italy

MERIT , Belgium

  • Budget: 3.999.695 euro
  • Start date: 1/11/2017
  • End date: 30/10/2020