Transport automation and digitisation challenge the labour market

Title of the research project

WE-TRANSFORM - Workforce Europe - TRANSFORMation Agenda for transport automation

Scientific area 

Transport, Automation, Digitisation


WE-TRANSFORM project will apply a participatory approach and use Collective Intelligence to generate an evidence-based and action-oriented agenda to tackle the challenges connected to the effects of automation on the transport labour force.

Description of the research project 

The increasing provision of new transport services due to ICT and automation stimulates demand for new labour skills. This process has accelerated considerably in recent years, and will impact the transportation sector workforce, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Therefore, it is crucial for policy makers to accommodate the workforce skills adaptation to this new era. A structured approach through an inclusive consultation incorporating existing and upcoming stakeholders is required.

WE-TRANSFORM aims at promoting collectively prioritized themes on the future of jobs and working conditions related to digitisation and automation of the transport sector. To reach this aim, it will set-up a collaborative platform producing user-friendly and shareable knowledge and supporting durable and effective innovations matching the evolving reality of workers.

WE-TRANSFORM will create a Stakeholder Forum, involving transport operators, public institutions, trade unions, universities and research centres, workers, and citizens, from different EU regions in a cross-national living hub, enabling a collaborative learning process among participants. Several techniques (interviews, public consultations, serious game activities, …) will help to collect data and produce knowledge. Then the gathered information will be analysed to generate the action-oriented agenda for policy makers.

Impact on society

Within WE-TRANSFORM, relevant European stakeholders will jointly elaborate an action-oriented

agenda to reduce potential negative effects of automation, to help the existing labour force, and to prepare labour forces needed for the future.

Moreover, WE-TRANSFORM aims at establishing a durable, openly shared knowledge on the effects of automation on transport labour and to ensure durable and effective innovations matching the evolving reality of workers. This will be done by formalizing methodologies and tools in collaboration with research laboratories, industrial actors and social partners at EU level and overseas (Japan, Canada, USA and South Korea).

Working group @Polito 

Cristina Pronello, Full professor, Project Coordinator

Federico, Cavallaro, Associate professor

Daniel Alberto Sebastia, Research fellow

Deepan Anbarasan , Research fellow

Ximena Garzon, Ph.D Student

Fabio Ballati, Ph.D Student.


National and International partners

Union internationale des chemins de fer, France

Mercedes-Benz, Germany

Hitachi Rail, Italy

Polis - Promotion of operational links with integrated services, Belgium

Ferrovie dello stato italiane, Italy

European Road Transport Telematics Implementation Coordination Organisation , Belgium

Fundacion de la comunidad valenciana para la investigacion, Spain

Austriatech – Gesellschaft des bundes fur technologiepolitische massnahmen, Austria

Leonardo, Italy

Akciju Sabiedriba Transporta Un Sakaru Instituts, Latvia

Trainose Metafores-Metaforikes Ypiresies Epivaton Kai Fortiou, Greece

Federazione Italiana Lavoratori Trasporti Cgil, Italy

Federazione Italiana Trasporti Cisl Cisl, Italy

Uiltrasporti , Italy

Empresa Municipal De Transportes De Valencia, Spain

Attiko Metro, Greece

Fundacja Rozwoju Logistyki I Zarzadzania, Poland

Lgi Consulting, France

Tampereen Kaupunkiseudun Elinkeinoja Kehitysyhtio Business Tampere Oy  , Finland

Idryma Evgenidou, Greece

Virtech Ood, Bulgaria

Panepistimio Aigaiou, Greece

University Of Surrey, United Kingdom

Institut Vedecom, France

Panepistimio Dytikis Attikis, Greece

Missions Publiques, France

Traviglia Notaro Vernetti - Associazione Professionale, Italy

Six Seconds , United States

Advanis Inc, Canada

Kyungil Unversity, South Korea

Tokai National Higher Education Andresearch System, National University Corporation, Japan

Board of Regents of Nevada System of Higher Education, United States

Keolis, France


WE-TRANSFORM project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 101006900

  • Budget: 2.500.000 euro
  • Start date: 1/12/2020
  • End date: 30/11/2023